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Course Cancellation Policy

Aquatic Adventures of MI 

Aquatic Adventures of MI, LLC.  maintains the following Course Cancellation Policy, which is binding upon student members enrollment in a course through or with Aquatic Adventures of MI, LLC.

  • Aquatic Adventures of MI, LLC  recommends purchasing a mask, fins, and snorkel for your coursse.
  • Course enrollment : Aquatic Adventures of MI, LLC and its cooperative destinations incur unrecoverable charges preparing course events.
  • Once enrolled you have 72 hours to withdraw from the class and be eligible for a refund of your tuition less a registration fee. Beyond 72 hours any refunds are at the sole discretion of Aquatic Adventures of Ml. 
  • If you fail to show up for class or fail either the academic, confined water, or open water portions of the program you will not be eligible to receive any refund.
  • In the event of a medical or family issue or are called to military duty, refunds will be considered.
  • If you are not comfortable or have any difficulties in the confined water, we are happy to work with you, but any additional training will be at the expense of the student. These fees will be based on how many additional sessions are required and will cover equipment, facility, and the instructor.
  • There are no refunds if cancellations occur after your first class session of your course or if you failed to pass the requirements to be certified by PADI.
  • If you cancel a class session within 24 hour of your schedualed session there will be a $100 cancellation Fee for each person.
  • Make up class sessions of canellations on the students part are $95 per person whether it is within the 24 hours of session or not.
  • Prior to any issued refunds, all training materials must be returned in the same conditions as issued. The cost for the book kit/elearning, if not in new condition is $195.00; Once you have accessed your elearning it is no longer in new condition. These charges will be deducted from any refund under consideration.

Changes made in course schedules are at the sole discretion of the Hartland's Caroselli Aquatic Center, and Aquatic Adventures of MI, LLC is not responsible for course cancellations or rescheduled course dates or time. We will do our absolute best to work with the respective Pool Staff to reschedule pool reservations—however, any additional costs that may incurred that are not covered by the initial course enrollment fee are the responsibility of the student member.

• Note: Aquatic Adventures of MI, LLC retains the right to cancel any course prior to the date of the class session. If Aquatic Adventures of MI, LLC cancels a course, it will provide a refund of all rental fees and instructor fees, this does not include accessed eLearning and used book kits. Aquatic Adventures of MI, LLC is not responsible for additional expenses incurred by student members in connection with the course. This includes, but not limited to, nonrefundable course enrollment into elearning/used book kits, visa fees, equipment rentals, medical expenses, and damages of any kind if your course is canceled or rescheduled for ANY reason.

Aquatic Adventures of MI, LLC will adhere to this Course Cancellation Policy regardless of the situation, except for when more stringent policies may apply to a specific course.